Brianne C.

Brianne joined Eno as a Client Care Coordinator in September 2017 and worked her way up to become our amazing Director of Administration. She still loves getting to know and catching up with pet parents and has made so many memorable Eno friends, both human and furry! Her spirit animal is the affable, adventurous otter.

To Brianne, the best thing about Eno is helping both pets and their people get the best care. She holds an associate degree in business fundamentals and channels those talents and skills into her work with our Eno team and family. She wants to stay in the vet field for the rest of her life.

Born and reared in Fremont, near San Francisco, Brianne became a Durhamite in 2010. The first pet of her own, a cat named Bear, flew all the way from California to live with her. She and her husband live in Rougemont with their daughter; a tuxedo cat named Sir Martin Fuzzleton; a Dalmatian named Baileigh; and Kona the Whippet puppy. She enjoys reading and playing the ukelele. Her favorite mottos are also her favorite song lyrics: “stand tall” and “shine.”

Anna B.

Anna B. was born and reared in Greensboro, an only child with six cats. Today she and her husband, Joshua, live in Durham with their beautiful feline family: Mortimer, Edith, Frances, Amelia, Seamus, Minerva, and Wynne. She believes in Hemingway: “One cat just leads to another.” And the philosophy that “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anna B. enjoys feeding cats, snuggling cats, adding to her impressive collection of cat magnets, and cats. Her motto is: “Every special diet is worth it.” The best day of the week at her house is claw-clipping day. She is her cats’ spirit animal.

After earning a B.A. in media communication with honors from the College of Charleston and a master’s in journalism at Columbia University, Anna B. worked as a reporter, writer, and editor in New York City and lived in Brooklyn for many years. She also ran her own freelance content development business for many top-tier and non-profit clients, happily composing away with cats on her lap.

Anna B. joined Eno in April 2019. As Director of Marketing, she's excited to grow the amazing Eno family and make a positive difference in the community. She's impressed by Eno’s team spirit and commitment to education and our cause. Anna B. manages Eno's website and social media; feel free to contact her with thoughts, suggestions, and feedback at

Brian C.

We’re so happy to welcome our new groomer, Brian! He was born in Kinston and lives in Durham with his wife and three cats.

Brian has experience in boarding and kennel care, dog training, pet salon management, exotic pets, and, of course, grooming. He is skilled in shave-downs and many fur treatments, including de-shedding, carefully combing out knotted fur, and gently removing mats. He loves classic canine cuts with precise hand-scissoring for Poodles, Schnauzers, Bishons, Yorkies, and many more!

The best part of grooming to Brian is knowing pets feel better. His work makes a real difference for the health and happiness of our patients. Call us at (919) 471-0308 with questions or to book a spa day for your fur baby!

For fun, Brian likes to fix up cars, hike, kayak, and spend time in nature.

Charles D.

Charles recently celebrated 13 years at Eno Animal Hospital! He joined Eno in June 2006, which far predates even our owner, Dr. Grinstead. As an incredible veterinary assistant and inventory manager, Charles embodies Eno and our mission like no other. He grew up on a farm not far from here and has had a passion for animals as long as he can remember.

Everybody in the Eno family knows and loves Charles. You'll find him in rooms helping healthy and sick pets; in our state-of-the-art suites performing dental cleanings or assisting surgery; and in the Treatment Area cuddling wiggly patients. In all he does, Charles makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Charles lives in Rougemont with his wife and huge fur family, including six cats and the Eno famous Great Pyrenees, Alaska, plus recently welcomed ducks and chickens. When he isn’t holding down the fort at Eno, he lives to fish.

Abby K.

Abby grew up in Salisbury and knew her dream was to work with animals when she was 6 years old. ​She joined our team in June 2015, one month after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with an undergraduate degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. Her favorite team will always be the Carolina Tar Heels!

Abby is currently working toward a master’s in physiology from N.C. State. Her ultimate goal is to become a veterinarian.

We know Abby will make an incredible DVM! She's a calm, steadfast force who uses her intelligence and intuition to problem-solve, multitask, and help animals with diverse needs and pet parents with varied concerns. Her favorite part of being an Eno assistant is going above and beyond for every patient in our care.


In her free time, Abby loves to read and volunteers at Duke Lemur Center.

Jena B.

Jena grew up in Bull City with a dog named Mickie. Together they had many happy adventures, big and small: traveling to the beach and the mountains, and playing fetch in the backyard.

In middle school, Jena decided she wanted to be a veterinarian. She started along this exciting path by volunteering at Eno, then worked her way up to the highly skilled position of vet assistant in May 2017. Jena recently graduated from Averett University with a bachelor’s in biomedical sciences and is planning the next step in her journey to vet school.

Jena’s favorite part about Eno is the family atmosphere. She loves the people she works with and making connections with pet parents. Her most memorable Eno patient is Chester: a dog who was always happy, even when he got sick. Chester loved all the love he got here, and enjoyed every walk, until the end.

Jena lives in Durham with her two-legged family, four dogs, and five horses. She loves to ride, when it is not too hot! Her spirit animal is the loyal, loving, calm koala bear. She will do anything for her friends, and would rather relax on a beach or by a river than run a marathon. Her favorite quotation is: “You are enough just as you are.”

Vanessa F.

When Vanessa was a kid, she cried when she saw lobsters in a tank at restaurants. She decided quite young she wanted to work with animals, and believes every living creature is special. She loves the quotation (credit Wes Anderson) “I don’t think any of us are normal people.”


Growing up in Goldsboro, Vanessa always had a dog. Golden Retriever Osito was 12 years old when her family adopted him. When Vanessa was in high school, Osito was a therapy dog who brought joy to hospitalized children and people with special needs.


For Vanessa, the best thing about working at Eno is earning the trust of nervous pups and kitties. Our dedication to happy visits means pets can blossom into their best selves with us!


Vanessa earned her undergraduate degree in zoology, with a minor in psychology, from NC State. She has experience in dog training and day care, plus seven years as an assistant before joining Eno in September 2019. She is enrolled in Penn Foster’s online veterinary technician (RVT) program...and may one day pursue vet school.


Vanessa enjoys running, hiking, backpacking, and camping with her husband and their cattle dog, Tripp. Their cat, Zombie, guards the house.

Kayla P.

Kayla is a tried-and-trued Tarheel: born, reared, and living in Durham. She grew up with a younger brother and a snuggly Beagle named Hunter. In high school she showed livestock, worked as a horse barn manager, pet sat, trained dogs, and found her passion for animal care and vet medicine.

A recent graduate of Alamance Community College with two associate degrees (business administration, with a specialization in marketing, and animal care and management), Kayla is now enrolled at Penn Foster to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. A member of our team since February 2019, she plans to go as far as she can at Eno!

Kayla loves helping Eno pets live their best lives, taking care of our rescue patients, watching puppies grow up, and meeting great pet parents every day. Kayla is dog mom to Roscoe the Beagle, Diva the black Lab...and the newest addition, hound dog Hank! Her spirit animal is the loyal, protective, pack-oriented wolf.

Kayla likes to hunt, fish, and work on her beloved truck, Blue. There are 86,400 seconds in a day—Kayla chooses to spend them working hard, smiling, and appreciating each moment!

Shania C.

Shania joined the Eno team in May 2019 at the behest of our amazing vet assistant Kayla. They met at Alamance Community College working on associate degrees in animal care and management—so you know their hearts are in the same place: with animals! Shania’s dream is to get certified as a Registered Veterinary Technician, starting next spring at Penn Foster.


A native of Roxboro, Shania has always had a passion for this work. Her grandmother set the example: forever feeding more than 30 stray cats...and naming every one. Shania also grew up with a Pit mix, Lilly, and two house cats, Fluffy and Bubbles: her first “truly-meant-to-be-mine” cat. Bubbles was an enormous orange tabby with the heart of a big dog: outgoing, vivacious, and friendly. He lived to be 15, and Shania has a tattoo of his name over her heart.


As Kennel Manager, Shania takes great time and effort to love, walk, feed, bathe, spoil, and get to know the unique personality of each boarding pet. She is also training hard as a vet assistant. Her favorite part of Eno is tending to every creature in our care. She has a special place in her heart for rescues and helping sick patients heal.


To Shania, Eno is “a big, welcoming family.” Her spirit animal is the owl, which represents both wisdom and freedom.

Tori S.

Tori was born in Bull City and has kin in both Durham and Bahama, our wonderful neighbor to the North. As a child she happily tended the family pets: a Doberman named Blue and an Australian cattle dog named Lottsie, plus cats, fish, frogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, and a parakeet. To Tori, looking after animals was never a chore!

Tori graduated from Northern High School, right across the street from our new hospital, and is currently studying radiography at Vance Community College. She joined Eno as a Client Care Coordinator in November 2018. The best part of her job is building relationships with pet parents and making friends with our “frequent flyers.” Plus getting to snuggle adorable fur babies is certainly a perk!

For fun, Tori crafts, eats, and spends time with loved ones. She lives in Rougement with her fiancé and their chocolate Labs, Kimber and Sig, who was a surprise gift with her engagement ring! She likes a challenge and lives by the motto “great things never come from comfort zones.” Tori’s spirit animal is the determined, wise polar bear.

Vickie M.

We were thrilled to hire Vickie in June 2019, a few years after she retired from three decades of serving Durham school kids as a physical education instructor. To many pet parents, and even Eno team members, she will always be Ms. Modlin: local hero!

Vickie is beloved both in the community and at our hospital. Her spirit animal is the monkey: playful, lighthearted, cheerful, and chatty. Her favorite thing about being a Client Care Coordinator is interacting with pets and pet parents. Vickie believes “people who seek vet care are great people.” She also loves our team meetings, and being a valued member of a team of “devoted, caring, hard-working” people.


Vickie grew up in a small town called Tyner, outside Edenton in eastern North Carolina, with a dog named Duchess and a Persian named Puffin. The four-legged love of her adult life was Shelley, a Yorkie who lived to be almost 18. Today Vicky and her partner, Tracy, live a few minutes from Eno—right next to her 94-year-old-mother—with their dog, Claire; cockatiel, JC; six hens; and the many deer who come to feed in the yard every day when called.


At East Carolina University, Vickie earned a bachelor’s degree in K-12 health, graduating magna cum laude, and a master’s in education. For fun she makes jewelry, knits, and creates cool crafts—be sure to spot her Eno-painted rock outside our front door! In keeping with a lifetime of inspiring everyone she meets with her warmth, kindness, and good nature, Vickie’s motto is: “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”

Natalie F.

Natalie grew up in Kings Mountain with all kinds of pets: cats, ferrets, reptiles, birds, even a frog! She lives in Durham with Muffin, a 13-year-old Cockapoo; Loba, a 3-year-old hound; Princess the 18-year-old cat; and a bearded dragon named Lenny. She joined the Eno team as a Client Care Coordinator in July 2019.

Natalie’s most memorable moments at Eno include watching puppies grow into healthy adults and seeing rescue animals nursed back to health. She has a special place in her heart for Mocha, an injured, emaciated stray who is now strong and happy!

Natalie is a natural-born helper who always gives her all to those in need. She earned an undergrad degree in social work with a focus in child welfare from Western Carolina University, interned with Child Protective Services, and worked in a legal office helping people with disabilities gain access to benefits. She is always eager to lend a helping hand to any pet or pet parent!

Natalie’s motto is: “Remember to be a pineapple! Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.” Her hobbies include binge-watching Netflix shows and eating ice cream unapologetically.

Khrista G.

A native Durhamite, Khrista grew up with a Pomeranian named Tootsie, a white German Shepherd named Jack, a Dachshund named Chiquita, and Bella—a smart, sassy, stubborn Shepherd and Khrista’s special girl.

Khrista learned at a young age that pets can’t communicate like people do. She wanted to learn their language, cues, and signals so she could be an animal advocate, and working at Eno helps her do both.

She earned her undergraduate degree in theology and volunteered in Asia to help communities that struggle to be heard. A fluent Spanish-speaker, Khrista helps our Spanish-speaking Eno family communicate with our team—and get the help their fur babies need—in their heart language. We're proud of our diverse team and family!


Khrista habla español y puede ayudar a nuestros clientes latinos comunicar con nuestro equipo y  obtener la ayuda e información que requieren sus mascotas. Estamos orgullosos de la diversidad tanto en nuestro equipo como en nuestra comunidad!

Khrista joined Eno as a Client Care Coordinator in February 2020. Her favorite thing about Eno is how much we care; we celebrate every success and grieve every loss right alongside our pet parents. She has a miniature Schnauzer named Shaggy and loves to weave loom art. Her spirit animal is the protective, loyal Mexican Gray Wolf.

Brandi L.

Brandi joined the Eno team in October 2013 and has been both a kennel assistant and Client Care Coordinator. Many clients look forward to their visits just to chat with Brandi! Getting to know the pet parents and patients is a special part of her job.


On Jan. 1, 2019, Brandi became our trusty bookkeeper. She holds an assoicate degree in business administration with a specialization in tourism management, and is currently studying emergency management and disaster services at Durham Technical Community College.


Brandi was born in Pensacola and grew up in Albany, Georgia, with four brothers and five sisters, plus many Collies and Shelties. She volunteers with the Red Cross and enjoys reading, writing, swimming, watching TV, and spending time with family. She and her husband, Chuck, are the lucky pet parents of pooches Paige and Sassie.


Of all the beautiful memories Brandi has made working at Eno, watching the dream of our new hospital become a reality is her favorite. Her spirit animal is the optimistic, nurturing bear.

Brad G.

Brad is married to Dr. Grinstead and has many roles in the family business: public liaison, IT wizard, and, most importantly, dad to their two children, Alayna and Connor. He grew up in Arlington, Texas, an only child with a miniature Poodle and two gerbils.

Brad holds a PhD in electrical engineering and runs a small software development company. He also has experience in computer tech and sales. Dr. Brad's favorite part of Eno is, of course, helping his beloved wife succeed in her dream. It makes all the gross medical talk he’s endured at the supper table worth it! His spirit animal is the steady, steadfast, sensitive Pangolin.

Brad’s hobbies include reading, hiking, playing computer games, and taking the dogs, Leia and Badger, on walks. He lovingly tolerates the family cats and follows the tenet that “life is too short to eat brown bananas.”

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