We. Have. Grooming!

Updated: Feb 20

Tongue out tub time!

Our pet parents told us they want a one-stop shop. We listened. And now we have it!

The Eno team is thrilled to offer professional grooming services on Mondays and Fridays.

Our spa menu includes basic and medicated baths, brush-outs, special shampoos, de-shedding and cleansing treatments, and blowouts.

We now offer all manner of functional grooms: shave-downs, sanitary trims, "feet, face, and fanny” trims, and haircuts with precise hand-scissoring for Poodles, Schnauzers, Bishons, Yorkies, and many more!

Our new groomer, Brian, has experience in boarding and kennel care, dog training, pet salon management, and, of course, grooming. He loves classic cuts and is skilled in many fur treatments, including carefully combing out knotted fur and gently removing mats. Plus, he’s comfortable with cats! Get to know Brian and the Eno team.

We designed our new hospital with special grooming amenities…

  • Private, quiet room with lots of natural light

  • State-of-the-art grooming tub and table

  • Safe cage dryers

A beautiful room for beautiful grooms.

We offer a variety of hypoallergenic, scented, and medicated shampoos. Every groom comes with a nail trim, plus an anal gland expression and ear cleaning. Learn why nail trims are so important.

Grooming helps pets live their very best lives. It truly makes a difference, leaving your pet feeling vibrant, lively, refreshed—even younger and sprightlier!

See what a difference a groom makes.

The process can be transformative, especially for long-haired or matted pets. Find out why mats are so dangerous.

The greatest reward is seeing pets leave happy. And y'all know we're all about happy visits.

Does your pet need pampering pronto? Call us at (919) 471-0308 to book a spa day!


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