June Is Microchip Month

June is microchip month at Eno! Get $5 off your pet’s microchip.

Microchips mean reunions.

Microchips help lost pets find their way home. Microchips save pet parents from losing their fur babies forever. Microchipping is one of the most important things you can do for your pet.

Recently an Eno client found two Pitbulls running loose in her neighborhood. She immediately brought them to us to scan. Good news: They had microchips! We called the pet parents while our client minded the pooches. It was a very happy reunion—made possible by microchips.

When we reunited a Boston Terrier with his mom, she was so grateful to us. When we reunited a cat with his humans, they were so thankful they joined the Eno family. We all get our own fur babies microchipped; we have “escape artist” cats and rambunctious dogs.

Sadly, many lost pets and their families are not so lucky.

Did you know? According to AKC Reunite, lost pets with microchips are 20 times more likely to be reunited with their pet parents.

We use AKC Reunite microchips at Eno. Since each chip is pre-registered, there is no registration fee. All you have to do is create an account and enter your contact info. Get your pet a microchip in June for $5 off!

What Is a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny identification chip. The size of a grain of rice, a microchip is encoded with a unique ID number assigned to your pet and your pet only. Every microchip carries a unique ID number.

Dr. Grinstead or Dr. Peace will insert your pet’s one-of-a-kind microchip between his or her shoulder blades. The process is quick, easy, and virtually painless. We can insert a microchip in a few seconds at your pet’s wellness visit.

We will also scan your pet’s microchip at subsequent check-ups to make sure it’s working properly. Remember: Keeping your microchip contact info current is just as important as the microchip itself.

What a Microchip Is Not

A microchip is not a tracking device. It is activated only for a few seconds by a special handheld scanner passed over your pet’s shoulder blades. Veterinarians, shelters, ER clinics, and adoption agencies all keep microchip scanners on hand for the sole purpose of reading a found pet’s unique ID number and finding their families.

Why Microchip?

Lost pets can’t tell us who they are...but their microchips can. And they do. All the time.

An ID tag and collar are great, but what if they slip off? Microchips can never fall off or be misplaced. Any animal who goes outside, even on a screened-in porch, should have a microchip. Any purebred animal should have a microchip. Did you know purebreds are stolen much more often?

And if your pet ever gets lost and ends up in a shelter, a microchip could save his or her life.

A Microchip Quiz

On this one day of the year, more pets are lost than on any other.

What is…the 4th of July?

That’s right! Fireworks, parades, cookouts: These are the places scared or excited pets bolt.

That means...June is the perfect month for microchipping! Get your pet a microchip at Eno in June for $5 off. Call us at (919) 471-0308.


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