Eno Is All About Happy Visits!

Updated: Jan 29

So nice to meet you!

Vet visits can be stressful. Pets and their people too often dread them. That’s why Eno Animal Hospital is dedicated to practicing low-stress veterinary medicine. We do all we can to make vet visits as easy as possible for your unique fur baby.

What does this entail? In short: Low-stress techniques create happy visits with less fear and lots of love.

We designed our new hospital to be comfortable and soothing. First, it looks and feels like a house—painted soft blue and cream, and full of stonework and wood beams—not a cold clinic.

As soon as you set foot in the door, you can tell we have thought about every detail.

Our lobby features separate areas for dogs and cats; since dogs often get hyper when they smell cats and cats usually get frightened when they smell dogs. Our exam rooms are divided into dog room and cat rooms as well, with special calming pheromones plugged in that help soothe canine and feline nerves.

Besties who prefer the bench!

We welcome pets to our hospital with relaxed body language and careful eye contact (or none). We greet cats with soft, low tones and dogs with upbeat, positive energy. We approach especially anxious patients quietly and slowly, and are always on the lookout for what works (and what doesn’t) for each special fur baby.

Low-stress techniques show success. We make pets feel at ease. Many pet parents report their dogs jog happily into our hospital! Cats can be harder to win over...but we still have more than our fair share of calm, cooperative kitties.

We practice gentle handling with the least amount of restraint required. You’ll often find us on the floor with your pet; the floor is almost always where patients are the most comfortable and relaxed. But we're down if your fur baby prefers the bench (and to visit with his bestie)!

We use peanut butter, treats, and toys to distract and entice. Check out our Facebook page for amazing pics and videos of happy pets at Eno.

Go ahead. Snuggle in.

Our associate vet, Dr. Peace, is an expert in behavior and desensitization. He has been able to examine severely scared patients who have not let a vet get near them in years. Patience, kindness, and consistency are key.

We understand how often “less is more” when it comes to nervous animals. We never force or hold down a scared pet. Instead, we offer distraction and encouragement, and can also prescribe calming medication that will ease anxiety.

We are your other family doctor. We believe you and your pet deserve to be as comfortable as possible in our home! For more information about happy visits, give us a call at (919) 471-0308.


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