Dr. Robyn Hahn

We are so excited to welcome Eno’s third veterinarian, Dr. Robyn Hahn, to our team! We built our beautiful new hospital in the hopes of expanding the practice to help even more pets. And now that dream is coming true.


Dr. Robyn earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from NC State in 1999. She completed her undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech and earned a master’s in immunology from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Born in Bethlehem, Penn., Dr. Robyn grew up (self-diagnosed) “animal crazy!” She had a cat named Cloudie, checked out every animal book available at the local library, and became obsessed with horses at Girl Scout camp when she was 8 years old.

After happily practicing equine medicine in Virginia for five years, Dr. Robyn returned to North Carolina to pursue small animal medicine. She is qualified to perform basic wellness procedures—beak trims, wing trims—for our feathered friends!

Dr. Robyn lives on a farm in Hillsborough with her partner and her daughter, plus a Whippet named Hamish, three cats, a mini-donkey, various chickens, and two of the world’s naughtiest goats. Her hobbies include horseback riding and competing at the national and FEI levels in dressage.

For Dr. Robyn, the best thing about being a vet is helping four-legged family members live long and happy lives. Her motto is: “The glass is always refillable.”

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