Our new hospital offers beautiful boarding facilities for dogs and cats. We’re happy to give you a tour! Call us at (919) 471-0308.

Eno: Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

We’re pet parents who board our pets here, too. We promise to care for all Eno pets as if they were our own. We will love your fur baby almost as much as you do! We can even text you pictures of your pet during the boarding stay so you can see for yourself all is well.

Our highly trained kennel assistants practice the highest standards of care and cleanliness for all boarding pets.

We provide soft blankets and cozy bedding. We also use our own food and water bowls. For your convenience, there is no need to provide bedding or bowls. Of course you may provide your pet’s favorite bed or blankie, as well as one toy, to make him or her feel safe and comfortable.

We check three times a day to ensure your pet’s room and bedding are clean and dry. We meticulously track each boarding pet’s eating, drinking, and elimination habits. If we ever notice anything even slightly amiss, we immediately alert the vet assistants or veterinarians. 

Your fur baby will have fresh water three times a day. We will feed your pet his or her exact diet if you choose to supply that food for the duration of the boarding stay. You may also opt to have your pet eat our in-house, easily digestible dry prescription food at no additional cost. If you would like your pet to eat our in-house, easily digestible canned prescription food, you may purchase enough for the stay, per can.

We are happy to give your pet extra love and spoiling, play and attention. If your pet needs peace and quiet, that’s ok too. We can usually make special accommodations for your fur baby. We do whatever is best for each boarding pet.

Details for Dogs

Our dog ward is private and sound-controlled, and lets in lots of natural light. We have 16 spacious runs and six variously sized “rooms” for smaller pooches. Each pet has a designated cubby for his or her food, medications, and personal belongings.

In the large, fenced-in walking area connected to the ward, your dog will have three walks a day. Our kennel assistants love to walk dogs, ensuring they get plenty of fresh air and exercise!

Details for Cats

Our Cat Ward is private and quiet, and lets in lots of natural light. We have eight individual and spacious “rooms,” four of each are connected. This means you can rent two, three, or even four connecting rooms—so your kitty can move about between each! You may also rent one room, and your cat will still have plenty of space.

Each cat room has a small annex for privacy. We usually keep a litter box in the small annex, since cats like to do their business in solitude. Your cat’s litter box will be checked and, if necessary, changed three times  a day.

Do You Accept New Patients to Board?

Yes! We do accept new Eno pets as boarding pets. To establish a doctor/patient relationship and ensure the health of each boarder, a new boarding pet must have either the full “nose-to-tail” physical, if not current on the wellness exam, or an abbreviated boarding exam. As a new client, you get one complimentary exam for your pet!

Pets who use Eno only for boarding simply need an annual boarding exam.

Boarding pets must be current on core vaccinations. Your pet’s vaccine history can be established through medical records from another animal hospital or clinic, if vaccines were performed by a licensed veterinarian. Breeder records, or vaccines administered by anyone other than a licensed DVM, will not suffice.

Please read on for our boarding prices and policies. Welcome to Eno!

Our Boarding Prices

We charge by the night, and also by weight for dogs.

  • Up to 25 pounds, per night: $25

  • 26 to 50 pounds, per night: $28

  • 51+ pounds, per night: $31

For cats, we charge $20 per night, per room. For instance, if you choose to reserve two connecting rooms, the charge is $40 per night.

Our Boarding Policies

To ensure the safety of all Eno patients from contagious diseases, boarding pets must be current on core vaccinations. For dogs, these vaccinations are: rabies, distemper/parvo, Bordetella, and canine influenza (flu). Core vaccinations for boarding cats are rabies and feline distemper.

Core vaccination requirements are common for boarding pets. We may make exceptions to our vaccine requirements on a rare, limited basis. These exceptions are granted only the veterinarian and only for medical (not financial or personal) reasons. In these rare cases, we can usually make a special accommodation for your pet to ensure he or she can still board safely.

Boarding dogs must also have an intestinal parasite screen, aka the fecal floatation test, to ensure they are free of worms.

We require an emergency contact number for someone authorized by you to pick up your pet and/or make medical decisions. We also ask you to provide the best number to reach you, the pet parent, while your pet boards with us.

We will make every attempt to reach you if your pet requires urgent care or unexpected treatments or medications, e.g. for stomach upset. We ask on our Boarding Release Form, required with your signature for every stay, that you authorize Eno Animal Hospital to perform any diagnostic procedures or medical treatments deemed necessary for your pet.

If fleas or ticks are found on your pet, we must provide appropriate treatment immediately, at additional cost, to prevent the spread of external parasites.

Boarding pets may take a day or two to get comfortable and settle in. If your pet is too stressed to eat, we will offer various foods to entice him or her. If a stressed pet has not eaten for 72 hours, our urgent care protocol will kick in and we will make every attempt to reach you and your emergency contact.

We ask you to limit your pet’s personal items to food, medications, a favorite bed or blankie, and one toy. There is a daily fee for administering medications and monitoring medicated pets. When you check in, you must provide a list of your pet’s medications and indicate dosage, frequency, and when last given. Medications must be in their original containers, with the original prescription labels.

Eno is a full-service animal hospital, but we are not open 24/7. Your boarding pet will be given the utmost care and attention, but he or she will not be supervised overnight. We practice the best safety: no collars, harnesses, or leashes will ever be left on your pet, Towels, blankets, bedding, toys, and the like will never be left in your pet’s room or run if there is any possibility he or she may ingest them.

When you book your pet’s boarding reservation, we may ask you to provide a window for drop-off and check-out to ensure efficiency and limit wait times. We are open on Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.; you may drop off or pick up your pet on Saturdays during normal business hours.

A One-Stop Shop for Your Boarding Pet

We can do many things for your fur baby while boarding! If your pet is not current on a wellness exam or core vaccinations, Dr. Grinstead or Dr. Peace can perform the full “nose-to-tail” physical and, if deemed safe, administer vaccines. We can also perform an intestinal parasite screen for dogs.

You may request any additional procedures your boarding pet may need: other vaccines such as lepto or lyme, heartworm testing, FIV testing (for cats), lab work, and more. Your boarding pet can have a toenail trim, bath, an ear cleaning, an anal gland expression, or any other service we provide at Eno. Additional services are provided at regular prices.

If your pet is scheduled for a surgical or dental procedure, he or she may board with us before or after. Additional release forms, costs, and details will be discussed with you thoroughly.

The Bottom Line

Eno Animal Hospital is your other family doctor. We know it takes trust to board your fur baby. We absolutely love taking care of pets! If you have any questions, please call us at (919) 471-0308.

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